Sunday, March 1, 2009

weekend trip to Chicago!

Leo, Jim and I went to Chicago this weekend to check out the Edvard Munch show at the art museum and visit Millennium Park-one of my favorites! Sadly they don't let dogs in the museum, so leo stayed at Jim's Parent's place with Uncle Rufus (their doggy) who is a border collie mix also, maybe shepherd? I didn't get a good picture of Rufus time! Leo was REALLY tired when we got home so he plunked right down on the floor for a siesta!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

2 cute.

two more for good measure...


Leo's first hotel room stay, opening mom's birthday presents for her, hiking with dad and hanging out with his brothers (Milton and Phil) from another mother!

Leo LOVES the snow

Thank goodness he likes the snow! You can't have sissy dogs in Milwaukee! He also LOVES Christmas!

All grown up!

67 lbs of furry love!

4-6 months old!

my do they grow fast!

more baby leo!

Running around in the yard....chasing mom....after his first bath......